Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catch up aftermath

Just thought I'd like to add that next year i'll be doing a drawing class for college and possibly extra life drawing classes at night. I not gunna try and be lazy about this anymore since all my work from 2011 to blog has taken roughly 8 hours of non stop work. I don't think I've even eaten. Much more stuff to come from character design but that will be on another blog. Was thinking about closing down the new blog as it feels more like a collaboration of my Kangan days rather than something general like it was intended. As for Victimise go fuck yourself, I sadly don't have time for my own projects right now but will hopefully work more on the anatomy project as well as getting more time on the Christmas holidays.

Also all the drawings in the sketch book entries is only a tiny portion of the stuff I actually have done, I just chose stuff at random

I gotta get back to working on an essay now...(missing H6)

Sketch book entry 11

This picture down here is why I need to keep the momentum up....This from everything else I took a break and came back rusty. Iv'e had to recently take another break so i'll probably be just as bad. Though I be drawing more next year

Sketch book entry 10

Sketch book entry 9

Sketch book entry 8

Image below. This is a constant thing of me fucking up drawings, sketch book is full of them

Sketch book entry 7

Started going onto Deviant art and drawing random life drawing of people. Great exercise but most of the time youll only get women which is why most of them are women. I really need to get into life drawing

Sketch book entry 6

Model sheet of an animation I plan on still hopefully making as well as the introduction to graphite in my work. Graphite is 100 times better that using grey lead