Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sketch book entry 19

Drawings from a life drawing place I started to go to, need to get down there again soon

Really wish they would bring in women in the days im there

Sketch book entry 18

MED class drawings of life drawings

Sketch book entry 17

Adding images from current sketch book, need to get it done

 Everything below was done from animations

Med104 sketch book

Updating from ages ago..Probably better to be in the Qantm blog but technically all this is scribbles and crap and not directed to a final project

Selection of stuff from MED104 sketchbook.....seemed to have a lot of crap in it

 Silhouettes of places

 Don't know anything on posting photos but nobody comes here anyway.....and why would u, this is getting trash off my brain/books/under bed....